Australian model lists reasons against having kids

Ellie Gonsalves, an Australian model, has ignited a conversation online by sharing a list of 118 reasons why she does not want to have children.

Publication: 28.11.2023 - 14:46
Australian model lists reasons against having kids
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Tired of constantly being asked about her decision, Gonsalves posted her extensive and personal list on Instagram, detailing her reasons which range from 'They are YOUR responsibility until the day they die' to 'The world’s already overpopulated'. This move highlights the societal pressure many women face regarding motherhood and the freedom to make individual choices.

Gonsalves, who has been with her husband Ross Scutts for 15 years, often faces intrusive questions about starting a family. Her list, a mix of serious and light-hearted reasons, sparked varied reactions in the comments section. Some criticized her for being self-centered, while others commended her honesty and bravery in voicing a perspective often stigmatized or overlooked in societal discourse.

Following the Instagram post, Gonsalves told Mamamia about the immediate backlash she received, which she believes underscores her main argument. She discussed the societal expectations placed on women and the discomfort people feel when confronted with lifestyles different from their own. “They may not realize there is an alternative path or may not be mature enough to accept that others can live a life different from theirs without the need to harbor resentment,” she said.

Despite the negative responses, Gonsalves's post also resonated with many women who felt validated by her words, receiving hundreds of supportive messages. This support, including from mothers who respect her choice, highlights a growing acknowledgment of the diverse paths women can choose in life. Gonsalves's list has not only opened up a dialogue on women's autonomy but also shed light on the varying attitudes toward motherhood in contemporary society.

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