AI predicts what humans will look like in 1000 years

Artificial intelligence has predicted what humanity will look like in 1000 years. The images created by the artificial intelligence software Midjourney reveal a frightening picture of the future.

Publication: 11.06.2024 - 13:39
AI predicts what humans will look like in 1000 years
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There has been much speculation about what life will be like in the future and movies, books and TV series have been created. Flying cars, smart glasses, teleportation, space travel... This is a vision of a planet shaped by our imagination.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence software Midjourney, UNILAD was able to create a series of images that reveal the human appearance 1000 years in the future, and the result is literally frightening.

The images created by the AI software Midjourney depict a robotic future, a product of technological advances. It's almost like a cyberpunk skeleton, full of facial wires and mechanical apparatus, and it's quite frightening. Whether the wires on our faces are a fashion trend or a reflection of how pervasive technology will be in our lives is another mystery.

The most frightening part is the almost robotic look of the face; wires and various mechanical components replace the skin of our cheeks and forehead. How we become wired cybernetics is another mystery. Is covering our faces with wires a new fashion trend, or is it a reflection of how dominant technology will become in our lives?

Fortunately, the software did not predict that everyone would become wired cybernetics. But the bad news is that even the more recognizable human faces don't look too happy with their future lives. Some of the faces in the next set of images look more weathered from a life spent staring at screens.

If looking at the reflection of our future selves didn't give you nightmares for days, artificial intelligence has also recently predicted what future McDonald's restaurants and the faces of the average person in various towns in the UK will look like. As well as encountering a reflection of our future selves, this gives us a glimpse of how our future environment will be shaped.

Is it possible that AI is wrong about the future of the human race? In any case, we will never know, unless, in the near future, we also discover the secret of immortality. These images could be an eerie warning of where humanity is heading.

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