AC/DC's original drummer Colin Burgess dies at 77

The music world is mourning the loss of Colin Burgess, the original drummer for the legendary rock band AC/DC. Burgess, who was 77 years old, passed away.

Publication: 17.12.2023 - 13:13
AC/DC's original drummer Colin Burgess dies at 77
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The band expressed their sorrow on social media, remembering Burgess as their first drummer and a very respected musician. They shared their happy memories of him, bidding him to "rock in peace."

Colin Burgess joined AC/DC in 1973 and played his first show with the band on New Year's Eve at Chequers nightclub in Sydney, Australia. The lineup at that time included Angus and Malcolm Young on guitars, Dave Evans on vocals, and Larry Van Kriedt on bass. Burgess contributed to the original version of AC/DC's first single, "Can I Sit Next To You Girl", which also featured George Young, the brother of Angus and Malcolm, on bass. However, his time with the band was short-lived as he was fired in February 1974 for allegedly performing drunk on stage.

Beyond AC/DC, Burgess was also a member of the Australian rock band The Masters Apprentices from 1968 to 1972. This band was popular throughout Australia, achieving a string of Top 20 chart hits and was consistently hailed as one of Australia's best live and recording acts. In 1988, Burgess was inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame as a member of The Masters Apprentices.

Fans and fellow musicians have paid tribute to Burgess, recognizing his contribution to the rock music scene and remembering him as the heartbeat of AC/DC's early years. His thunderous beats and musical prowess paved the way for generations of rockers, leaving a lasting impact on the music industry.

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