A royal first: Princess poses for Playboy, defying tradition

A princess boldly bared it all for Playboy magazine, creating a sensation across Europe and beyond, in a historic first.

Publication: 09.02.2024 - 11:32
A royal first: Princess poses for Playboy, defying tradition
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Princess Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris, hailing from Saxony, Germany, and aged 38, made headlines as the first aristocrat to grace the pages of the well-known men's magazine with her presence.

The photographs of Princess Iris, a direct descendant of Saxony's last king, Friedrich III, have sparked widespread controversy and discussion in the world media.

This bold step by the princess has not only challenged conventional norms but also ignited debates about the boundaries of royalty and personal freedom.


Princess Iris, in defending her choice, stated she aimed to emphasize that "every woman is beautiful," although she acknowledged that her ancestors "probably would not have approved" of her posing for the magazine.

On the other hand, Iris emphasized that she was at peace with herself and said, "I have stretch marks on my body due to my age. I am proud to show them."

By posing for Playboy, Princess Iris has not only made a personal statement about body positivity and self-acceptance but also etched her name in history as the first aristocrat to do so. This act, blending royalty with modern notions of femininity and self-expression, continues to resonate and provoke discussions far beyond the magazine's pages.

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