A peek into the world's smallest town with a rich history

Nestled in the picturesque north-western region of Istria, Croatia, lies a hidden gem that defies the usual expectations of a town. Hum, recognized as the world's smallest town, stretches merely 100 meters in length and boasts a mere 50 residents.

Publication: 24.12.2023 - 14:53
A peek into the world's smallest town with a rich history
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Unlike the quaint model towns that fit within the confines of a living room, Hum offers an authentic, albeit miniature, slice of history and culture. This tiny settlement, is a tangible walk through time, presenting a living history of a bygone era.

Legend has it that giants, captivated by the beauty of this region, built Hum. They used massive stones for their constructions until they ran out, resorting to smaller stones for Hum. While this tale might be a whimsical fable, historical records first mention Hum, then known as Cholm, in 1102. Initially serving as a watchtower, Hum was a strategic outpost for a handful of inhabitants tasked with alerting the region of incoming armies.

Over the centuries, Hum has preserved its compact and historical charm. Encircled entirely by walls, the town has resisted expansion beyond its original boundaries, ensuring that every structure within remains a pristine example of historical architecture. The town, with its narrow streets and limited population, added a bell tower in 1552 and a parish church in 1802, adhering curiously to a pattern of construction in years ending in '2'. Today, the town's small scale belies its rich history and significance.

The population of Hum, as per the 2011 census, was recorded at 30, but by 2021, it had surprisingly risen to 52. Visitors often remark that the actual number of residents seems to fluctuate with the seasons. Despite its size, smaller than the tiniest of villages, Hum holds the unique distinction of being a town. Perhaps its enduring charm and historical significance, rather than its size, are what truly define it as such. In Hum, it's not just about the scale, but the experience of stepping into a living museum of medieval life.

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