Turkey's BIST 100 reaches new closing high

Turkey's benchmark BIST 100 index hit a new record high at the close on Friday, reaching 10,276.88 points, a 0.67% increase from the previous day.

Publication: 04.05.2024 - 14:11
Turkey's BIST 100 reaches new closing high
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The BIST 100 index rose by 68.23 points from Thursday’s close, concluding the week with a 3.64% gain.

As of market close, Borsa Istanbul's total market value stood at approximately 8.8 trillion Turkish Lira ($272.5 billion), with daily trading volume reaching 69 billion Lira ($2.14 billion). 

Gold prices were listed at $2,301.65 per ounce, while Brent crude oil was trading at about $83.48 per barrel as of 6:06 p.m. local time (1506 GMT).

The exchange rates saw the US dollar trading at 32.3424 Turkish Lira, the euro at 34.8614, and the British pound at 40.5966 Turkish Lira.

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