”Pay-it-forward ice cream" initiative launched in Balıkesir

In Balıkesir's Burhaniye district, following the "pay-it-forward bread," "pay-it-forward meal," and "pay-it-forward stationery" practices, a new initiative called "pay-it-forward ice cream" has been launched. Adem Teslim, who serves food in Ören Square, started the pay-it-forward ice cream initiative.

Publication: 29.06.2024 - 13:35
”Pay-it-forward ice cream
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Adem Teslim, 61, noted that the initiative garnered interest from the first day and expressed his determination to continue it.

Teslim explained that he started the initiative after seeing some mothers unable to buy ice cream for their children. "If we have pay-it-forward bread, pay-it-forward meals, and pay-it-forward stationery, why not pay-it-forward ice cream?" he said, inviting everyone to participate. Adem Teslim has been serving food in Ören Square for six years and has been in the ice cream business for two years.

He elaborated, "I had heard of pay-it-forward bread and meals. Pay-it-forward pita, pay-it-forward stationery. But I had never heard of pay-it-forward ice cream. This is a first in Burhaniye. I don't know about the rest of Turkey, but we initiated a first here. I saw mothers avoiding passing in front of the ice cream shop with their children because they feared their children would ask for ice cream, and they couldn't afford it. So, I decided to take the lead. Starting today, we launched the pay-it-forward ice cream initiative. Even though we hadn't put up a sign, people started leaving money from the very first day. As long as our good intentions aren't abused, we will continue this effort. Even if a few people misuse it, we will not stop because of them. We will carry on. We welcome everyone. Come proudly and enjoy. Come one, come all," he said.