Minister Işıkhan gets a 29,000 Lira raise after saying 'No increase for minimum wage'

While aiming to reduce inflation by keeping workers' wages stagnant, Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek will receive a 49,000 lira raise, and Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan will see his salary increase by 29,000 lira.

Publication: 28.06.2024 - 14:41
Minister Işıkhan gets a 29,000 Lira raise after saying 'No increase for minimum wage'
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Labor and Social Security Minister Vedat Işıkhan responded to the question, "Will there be an increase in the minimum wage?" by stating, "We have said it many times, there will be no increase."

According to a report by Erdoğan Süzer from Sözcü, Minister Işıkhan, who currently earns 144,362 lira, will receive a 29,000 lira raise. Meanwhile, Treasury and Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek, who advocates for not raising wages to combat inflation, will see his salary of 241,320 lira increase by 49,000 lira.

'Savings' Only for Workers!

In July, retired members of parliament will receive a 19,000 lira raise, while those who are both serving MPs and retirees will get a 49,000 lira increase. However, minimum wage earners, who receive 17,000 lira, and retirees, who receive 10,000 lira, will go without a raise in July.

Minister Işıkhan, who is not a retired MP, only receives a ministerial salary, which is currently 144,362 lira. In July, he will get an approximate 20.3% raise, bringing his new salary to 173,667 lira, equivalent to 10.2 times the minimum wage.

Policy of No Wage Increases

Following a policy of reducing inflation by not raising wages, Minister Şimşek receives both a ministerial salary of 144,362 lira and a retired MP pension of 96,958 lira.

Each month, Şimşek’s total income amounts to 241,320 lira, which is equivalent to the monthly earnings of 14 minimum wage workers. In July, Şimşek’s monthly income will increase by an additional 49,000 lira, reaching a total of 290,308 lira, or the equivalent of 17 minimum wages. Despite the government's decision, workers like Mehmet and Vedat, who struggle to live on minimum wage or slightly above, will not receive any raise.

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