Midweek trading begins on positive note

The BIST 100 index at Borsa Istanbul kicked off Wednesday's trading session with a 0.25% increase, marking a promising start to midweek trading.

Publication: 13.03.2024 - 12:08
Midweek trading begins on positive note
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As of the opening bell on Wednesday, Turkey's benchmark stock index had climbed by 22.82 points, reaching 9,091.85. This uptick follows a 0.69% gain at Tuesday's close, where the index settled at 9,069.03 points, buoyed by a transaction volume of 97 billion Turkish liras ($3.01 billion).

In the currency market, the USD/TRY exchange rate was recorded at 32.0930 by 10:25 a.m. local time (0725 GMT), while the EUR/TRY and GBP/TRY rates stood at 35.0580 and 41.0370, respectively.

Commodity prices also saw movement, with gold trading at $2,165.25 per ounce and Brent oil prices hovering around $82.20 a barrel, indicating the broader financial landscape's influence on Turkey's economic indicators.

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