Germany's annual inflation at 2.2% in June

Prices of energy products drop 2.1% in Germany in June, food prices up 1.1%, year-on-year

Publication: 11.07.2024 - 11:15
Germany's annual inflation at 2.2% in June
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Germany's annual inflation rate was at 2.2% in June, down from 2.4% in May, the federal statistical authority Destatis said on Thursday.

“Energy and food prices have had a dampening effect on overall inflation since the beginning of the year,” said Ruth Brand, Destatis' head.

"By contrast, we continue to see above-average increases in service prices," she added.

The prices of energy products last month in Germany fell 2.1% versus the same month of the previous year.

Food prices were up 1.1% in June on a yearly basis in the country.

Meanwhile, consumer prices were up 0.1% in June on a monthly basis.