25 kuruş coins forgotten as 200 lira banknotes gains traction

Central bank released data on the coin and banknote production, end of July. According to the published data, 25 kuruş coin production falls short as 200 lira banknotes hike up as inflation rises in Turkiye

Publication: 07.07.2024 - 11:12
25 kuruş coins forgotten as 200 lira banknotes gains traction
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According to Central Bank data, the number of 200 TL banknotes in circulation increased by 215 million 828 thousand (10 percent) compared to May 2024 and reached 2 billion 357 million 744 thousand. The total number of banknotes also increased by 294 million 63 thousand (6 percent), exceeding 5 billion for the first time and reaching 5 billion 106 million 940 thousand. Thus, the share of 200 TL in total banknotes in circulation increased from 44.5 percent to 46 percent in one month.

According to the data of the General Directorate of Minting and Stamp Printing House, no 25 kuruş coins were put into circulation between January-June 2024. This has also been the case for 1 and 5 cents for the last good month. On the other hand, 63 million 1 lira coins and 4 million 440 thousand 5 lira coins were put into circulation in June 2024. The number of coins in circulation exceeded 12 billion 640 million by the end of June. Accordingly, 31.7 percent of the coins in circulation are 1 lira and 0.8 percent are 5 liras.