97.3 bcm of gas delivered to Türkiye, Europe via TurkStream, TANAP pipelines

Both pipelines are critical infrastructures for ensuring Türkiye's energy supply security, diversity.

Publication: 13.01.2023 - 17:50
97.3 bcm of gas delivered to Türkiye, Europe via TurkStream, TANAP pipelines
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A total of 97.3 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas has been carried through TurkStream Natural Gas Pipeline and the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) to Türkiye and Europe, according to data compiled by Anadolu Agency on Friday.

Launched on Jan. 8, 2020, TurkStream has so far transited 26.75 bcm of gas to Türkiye and 30.55 bcm to Europe. In 2022 alone, this number was 8.6 bcm and 12.5 bcm for Türkiye and Europe, respectively.

TurkStream consists of two 930-kilometer (578-mile) offshore lines stretching from Russia to Türkiye across the Black Sea, and two separate onshore lines at lengths of 142 kilometers (88 miles) and 70 kilometers (43 miles).

With a total capacity of 31.5 bcm, TurkStream was first announced during the official visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Türkiye in December 2014.

The first line with a capacity of 15.75 bcm is designated for supplies to Türkiye's domestic customers, and the second line, with another 15.75 bcm of capacity, carries Russian gas further to Europe through Bulgaria.

TANAP expansion is underway

Meanwhile, TANAP, known as the "backbone" of the Southern Gas Corridor and the gateway for Azerbaijani gas to Türkiye and Europe, carried 5.8 bcm of gas last year to Türkiye. Europe also received 11.3 bcm of gas from TANAP in 2022.

Since the pipeline started operations, a total of 20.5 bcm of gas has been transported to Türkiye and 19.5 bcm to Europe via TANAP.

TANAP transports 16 bcm of gas annually, 6 bcm of which is offset for Türkiye and 10 bcm for Europe. It originates at the Georgian-Turkish border, travels 1,811 kilometers (1,125 miles) through 20 provinces, and connects to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) at the Greek border.

Work on pipeline expansion is currently underway to increase its capacity to its maximum, which was originally designed to deliver 32 bcm.

The first gas through TANAP's Türkiye leg stretching from the Georgia-Türkiye border to the exit point in Eskisehir was transported on June 30, 2018, while the first gas through the European leg from Eskisehir to the Türkiye-Greece border reached Europe in December 2020.

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